Parent/Carer Views 2020

Induction visits helped me to relax about sending my children to nursery.

We are really happy with how Mrs Howells has got to know my children, having a key worker meets children’s needs really well. 

It's lovely to see the learning journey and be able to take this home for others to see. The nursery had some really lovely ideas for activities with the children. The things made for Mother’s Day were beautiful, and lovely gesture dropping off the Father’s Day pack.

Range and quality of activities available, really impressed. My children absolutely loved their time at nursery.... we will definitely miss you all!!!

Really can't speak highly enough of Fairhaven Under Fives Centre. Both of my children have wonderful experiences and memories, a wonderful start to their education. 

Heading 1

I remember the first time we visited the nursery for a look around, we were welcomed with smiling faces and happy children. My child having never moved from my side for the first 2 years of her life ran off to play and never looked back. At that moment all the worry I had vanished and I knew I would have no qualms about leaving her in your care. She especially liked the butterfly’s last summer and never forgot the tadpoles you had when we visited before she started, she was quite sad they had gone by the September. I’ve always felt able to talk to any staff member and never really had a problem while she has been at nursery. I haven’t always been able to get to parents evening but Mrs Lewis has always seen me at a convenient time while dropping my child off and that was really appreciated.

My child has LOVED every second of her nursery journey, she always came home full to bursting of things to tell me and she was really proud to show me new things she had learnt. She loved being star person and proudly placed her sticker somewhere safe as soon as she got home, a few times it had come off on her coat and she was quite frantic to find it and show me. She always told me what fruit she had tried, games she had played, stories and songs she had learnt.